how I went from being an angel mommy to a mommy of 2

Dealing with crazy mother in law’s

on November 12, 2013

So this past Saturday, my husband and I asked his parents to watch our children so we could have a much needed date night. So we took the children up there and we went to dinner and to see “Carrie.” We get back to there house around 9 pm and Bella comes up to me to tell me all the stuff they did.  As she’s going down her list she suddenly stops, looks at me very seriously and says they gave Ben pop. Yes, I am one of those mother’s who doesn’t allow my children to have pop. Not only did they give him pop, they gave him diet pop. So I told Bella, “well that’s ok, they just won’t be babysitting ever again.” My husband and I left. Last night (Monday) I go ta text form a cousin asking if I had seen my mother in law’s recent Facebook post. I hadn’t so I went and read it. She had the nerve to ask people if it’s okay when their grand-children’s parents aren’t around to let them break our “strict” rules because they don’t agree with them and that isn’t how they raised their kids. After being a doormat to this family for 4 years I commented on it saying that if she had any respect for us as parents that they would respect our rules regardless of how they raised their children. Our children are not theirs. Then she commented saying how they have lost so many people in their lives so they know how short life is and that pop shouldn’t be a big deal. I too have lost a lot of people in my short 25 year’s on this planet, however, that has nothing to do with not letting the kid’s have pop.  So I text her and told her if she has a problem with me she needs to discuss it with me and not Facebook and the argument got really heated. When, Wes got home from work I told him that he needed to deal with it, She is his mother and I am tired of being talked to like dirt. I told her that if she can’t abide by our rules when it comes to our children then they won’t ne coming over. She didn’t seem to upset by that. She just said if that’s what you want. It’s not what I want but I will not constantly have my authority as a mother undermined by her. It is ridiculous that she can’t follow one simple rule. It’s not even a hard rule. No pop. That sounds pretty simple to me. So as of now we are not speaking. Should I have commented on her status? No. But I will not apologize for my anger and frustration and for feeling the way I do. I have to do what I think is best for my kids, no matter what anyone else thinks about it. I have prayed and asked for God’s forgiveness for my part in it and that’s all I can do.


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